Northern New England's Premier Barber Party & Education Event

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    Inspiring Education

    Learn from an acclaimed panel of New England's best barber educators as they lay down some technique, talk tools & chop some hairs. Plus: "Creating Your Name in the Barbering Industry" discussion with those killing it!

    artist: @evagoras_ & above artist: @popethebarber


    $2K Cutting Competitions

    24 Barbers will compete for over $2,000 in cash, prizes & trophies - Plus, bragging rights! 😉 2 Categories including, "Quickest & Cleanest" and, "Tightest Tattoo." For competition details and to enter, see below.

    artist: - Barberella Champion


    Live Hair-Jam!

    Kick back with a craft cocktail and watch as various big-name barbers and "local celebrities" collectively cut hair on main-stage while the DJ keeps it popping. Want to strut your swagger in the spotlight? Get more deets below and the link to let us know!

    artist: @este617


    Rad Education


    Catch some of today's top barbers chopping hair on main-stage (hair: @dgcuts)

    Barber Tools


    Explore, Test Out, & Purchase Premium Tools for your Trade

    Product Swag


    Sample the latest in Barbering Products from today's top Industry Brands

    Fresh Beats


    Expect top DJ's to keep the party poppin' with some throwback Hip Hop 

    Craft Cocktails


    Get your head right with a well-crafted Old Fashioned or beverage of your choice

    Gourmet Grub


    Get your grub on with the help of The Grazing Gourmet's dank food truck

    Flash Tattoos


    Pick up some complimentary ink from some of New England's finest tattoo artists

    Dope Apparel


    Shop dope street-wear from N.E.'s top resellers of today's hottest drops

    Custom Kicks


    Shop rare footwear from brands like, Supreme, Off-White, Jordan & Yeezy

    Schedule of Events

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    Entry Fees

    Barbers are competing for a rich cash & prize kitty. With multiple prizes and a limited number of competitors, contestants have to pay to play. Your $50 entry fee covers you and your model. Contestants may enter both competitions.

    model by: @fernthebarber

    Quickest & Cleanest Competition

    Contestants will have 15 minutes to demonstrate their haircut and will be judged on the quality of their model's finished look. Models must have at least 1" of hair length above their occipital bone (#2 blade.) The top must be taken down to a length of at least 7/8" (#1.5 blade.) 

    Tightest Tattoo Competition

    And we’re not talking about your ink, bruh. 12 talented artists will have 45 minutes to lay down their choice of creative hair design on their model. Artists will have plenty of time to get setup and when the buzzer sounds, it’s on! Contestants are competing for cash and prizes and there are 3 guaranteed winners! Judges will be evaluating based on creativity, intricacy of work, and overall appearance. Click “compete” to enter the competition.


    Both competitions offer the same 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Prizes are each sponsored by our vendor partners, offering supplies/swag mirroring a similar value to the cash prizes for each award. 1st place: $500 value ($250 + sponsor prize;) 2nd place: $300 value ($150 + sponsor prize;) 3rd place: $200 value ($100 + sponsor prize.)  (Sponsor prizes announced at event)

    Competition Rules

    Models must be 18 years of age. Contestants must be set up and ready to go prior to competition time. Contestants will be docked points if not prepared at contest commencement and if they do not finish within the contest time frame. Bring all cutting and tattooing tools needed for battle. Hair pattern colored pencils are welcomed. Cutting stool, chemical tray, and power-strip provided for each contestant. Non-bias celebrity judges will be judging each contest based on objective parameters. 

    Competitor Registration

    To apply to compete, (1) click the "COMPETE" link below; (2) specify which of the below competition(s) you want to compete in; (3) include your Instagram handle, shop that you work at, and cell phone number. $50 contestant entry fee per competition will be collected when we confirm your spot. Both competitions are limited to the first 12 contestants per competition.

    • Quickest & Cleanest
    • Tightest Tattoo


    Click below to compete. See simple directions under "Competitor Registration" above.


    what the hell's a hair-jam?

    It's The Coolest Cutting Demonstration You've Ever Seen

    The live Hair-Jam segment of the New England Barber Social event features a few rotations of multiple barbers on main-stage cutting hair simultaneously to the beats. 

    Our DJ is spinning old-school hip-hop, you're chilling with a cocktail taking it in, dope barbers are demonstrating cutting and styling techniques, our emcee is floating and catching soundbites from the featured artists on what they're up to, and everyone is enjoying the vibe. 

    It's basically a chillaxed cutting showdown where you can pick up some tips, support your featured artist hommies, and catch some steeze from big-name barbers. You know, appealing education designed with a rad user experience in mind. Because that's how we do.

    Get On Stage

    We have 2 rotations that will allow up-to 15 barbers to throw down on main-stage over the 7PM-9PM jam session. To apply, click the below link, specify that you want to cut in the Hair-Jam, and include your Instagram handle. We'll follow up with you to confirm and share additional details.

    let us know

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